From taking “mental snapshots” at Mount Gretna to devouring more pasta then we knew what to do with, our first week back for preseason has begun. Per tradition, we spent our first full day together at Mount Gretna for our first team run & time at the lake. Lucky for us, the lunch afterwards so happened to be pizza & watermelon, which is just about the greatest combination EVER. It was a beautiful day outside, compared to previous years where it is either raining or freezing cold… I swear.



Ice cream @ the Jigger Shop is always a must



ECXC 2016 🙂

It is always a super fun filled day.

Tuesday, we came together in the morning for some mobility exercises & easy runs to prepare for our night ahead…the time trial. Not only is this a great test to see where our fitness levels are after summer training, it’s fun to get the first “race” out of the way so early! Everyone did sooooo great & I know we are all looking forward to our first official race rapidly approaching.



Barefoot cool downs are the BEST

Wednesday night, we were lucky enough to attend the Elizabethtown FAIR! It’s a fun tradition and night spent together as a team. Basically, the food is delicious & the animals (besides that terrifying bunny) are so cute.


Pumpkin funnel cake is AMAZING


Classes begin Monday so we are soaking in these last few days of preseason. For many of us it’s our last preseason EVER 😦 It’s so great being back together & we are looking forward to the exciting season ahead.

-ECXC  🙂


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