Week 1

Happy weekend 🙂 We officially survived our first week of classes. From already being assigned mounds of homework, to adjusting to our busy practice schedules, we could not be more thrilled for this three day weekend! This week was a great training week that ended with our first official race of the season! Lucky for us we had almost picture perfect weather, which made this semi high mileage week VERY doable.

Tuesday, we had our very first workout of the season. Typically it’s always super hot this time of year so we were very fortunate to be able to run this workout later at night to beat the heat! Let me just say how great it is to finally be running workouts together again because trust me when I say training alone is not a fun time.



It’s hard running & being the photographer 😉

Wednesday & Thursday were spent prepping for our Friday night race at Shippensburg. We love night running so much! Both the mens & women’s teams poured a lot of heart & soul into this first race because we never run for ourselves, we run for each other. Tons of “mental snapshots” were taken because we never want to forget these moments 🙂





What would we do without him?!



It always takes us YEARS to cool down because we love cheering on our men’s team!!!



It was such a fun meet! Especially since it was literally 20 degrees cooler than what it normally is each year.

Saturday we enjoyed some nice easy runs around Etown!




Obviously we had to stop to check out this yard sale  

Tomorrow we end our week with a long run at one of the many fabulous trails near us. We can’t wait to share our season with you all!

Have a great Labor Day weekend 🙂



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