Heat, Humidity & More Heat

When I say this week was hot, we are talking in the 90’s + humidity HOT. Although the heat really took over, we were able to make the most out of our training & take advantage of running both super early and late at night. Hurry up fall weather, we need you!!!!

But before you turn too fall on us… we had to visit Masonic for some out of this world homemade ice cream!



Look how cute they made their flavor sign!


I wouldn’t say I’m biased, but their peaches & cream is the best 🙂

With Monday being on our own training, Tuesday we came together for one humid & intense tempo workout on the trail. Thank god for the shaded trail, which gave some relief against the super hot sunshine. It’s nice being so close to your training partners because they know just how to pick you up in the middle of the workout when you feel like you cannot go on!


Tired, tired & more tired

Wednesday & Thursday we enjoyed some easy runs. Some were able to squeeze it in during the day before the heat got too bad, but others got to enjoy some nighttime running through Etown.



Masonic you are so pretty

Friday = pre meet day!!! We got some nice & easy miles in before our Saturday meet at Delaware. Friday night we couldn’t resist having a BYONP night aka (Bring Your Own Nail Polish).



Some pre race stretching!

Saturday was the quite the race day. The women raced first up the tough & hilly course. With temperatures reaching close to 100 with almost 90% humidity, they had no choice but to call off the men’s race for safety reasons. Thank goodness they did! It was BRUTAL!

In order for the women to try to stay as cool as possible, we experimented with some pre race cooling, which definitely relieved us from feeling extremely hot for a long time.


Not happy campers



The pre race cooling must have worked since every single one of us successfully finished the race, while many other teams were not as fortunate. The heat was extreme & it definitely took a toll on the majority of our competitors.






This park was so pretty

Sunday we ended our week with a long run at one of the nearby trails. It was the first day we finally got some relief from the heat.


There you have it! Week 2 in the books!

See you next week!!!



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