Regionals Weekend 11.11 | 11.13

It has been two weeks too long!
Last week was jam packed with a lots of things happening all at once. The last post written summed up our entire Halloween weekend & so many wonderful things have happened since then. I am so excited we are finally in November, which probably has to be one of my very favorite months.
(41 days until Christmas, but who’s counting??)

Our first week in November consisted of our last real high mileage week filled with wonderful runs and a handful of workouts. This brought us up to Regionals week. How crazy is it that this was a lot of our last Regionals ever! It just blows my mind how quickly college has gone by.

Friday we left Etown and headed on up to DeSales University.

We were all so excited! Especially Nat…(aka the little broken runner statue thingy)

Trying to keep up with our speed racer Coach & men’s team in front of us.

We arrived at our hotel Friday afternoon. Apparently we weren’t the only Blue Jays there for the weekend!

Thankful we had a hotel where there were no critters hiding in the bed this time (yes it has happened before).

Coach Jamie was so sweet & made us dinner for our pre race meal Friday night. It was DELICIOUS!

Even Nat enjoyed dinner with us.

This was on the elevator door & I just loved it each time I got in.

Friday night, we had our team meetings, did ladybug, painted nails & watched a lot of HGTV, Mean Girls & Forrest Gump.

Saturday morning we woke up bright & early for breakfast down in the lobby.
My beautiful breakfast date.
After breakfast we headed out to the course. The women’s race was at 11 & the men’s race followed. Before we left the hotel, Alexis gave each of us the cutest good luck cards.

Who can resist candy?

Getting ready to warmup/forcing Brenna to take a photo with me.

Our lucky number 9 starting box.

Getting our spikes on, ready to run.

Thank you Mr. Trama for this photo 🙂

And this one too! He takes the best photos. Brenna was probably still singing her Shout To The Lord rendition 🙂

We raced & raced & enjoyed every minute of it! We ended up coming in THIRD!!!!!!

Next up was the men’s race.
So. Many. People.
The men, as always, ran their hearts out & we enjoy watching them so much.
Our trustee flag holder!
After both races it was time for awards. Although this photo is a bit blurry (so sorry), we had four of our runners make all-region! We are so proud of each other!

Overall, it was a great day.

I creepily snapped this photo of our men’s team right before we left for lunch.
We headed to this cute promenade for lunch that was completely decorated already for Christmas!

Lunch, featuring Bri’s chin!

We packed up our things and headed back to Etown Saturday night.
Sunday we ran what would be our last long run of the season.
We are so excited that we officially qualified for Nationals for the fourth year in a row. It will be a fun weekend in good old Kentucky!

We can’t wait to share it with you.



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