Spring break we are so excited to see you.
Break always seems to come at the time when we need it most and this week was definitely much needed. I mean, it was snowing today…but spring we are coming for you!

Rewind to last weekend, which is when we had our indoor championships…and oh my gosh it was AWESOME!!!



A little team warmup


Unfortunately, I was too busy watching the races and forgot to take a lot of pictures (oops). Every single athlete ran, jumped, threw amazingly and it was such an exciting day to experience.


The awesome 5k gals



High Jump!


5 Blue Jays on the podium for Pole Vault!!


Women’s Mile!!! Kelsey was also Athlete of the Year!!!!! These two are amazing



The women’s team won Landmarks for the first time since entering the conference! We had so many strong performances and every single athlete contributed in a huge way.

The men’s team came in third and absolutely killed it. We had many men score and I am so sad I don’t have any pictures to show it!

The parents put on a delicious tailgate after the meet & look at how cute these cookies were!!!


We are on break now and will be back in action for our E’town Home Opener March 19th.



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